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Please look at green roof again. It has been 'wikified', meaning that it has been linked to many articles that already exist. I suspect it could be linked to a good deal more, e.g. evaporative cooling is likely already an article under some name. If not, perhaps it should be, as it's a technical term.

As such a green roof is often found on an autonomous building, and you have worked on that article too, I find it surprising you didn't link to that. Was that intentional? I didn't think so, as you included no internal-to-wikipedia links there at all.

Also is there any relation between a green roof and the arcology idea? For instance, is it part of arcology to make someone's roof someone else's patio? Certainly that *could* be done, and perhaps that potential should be mentioned.

Photos would be nice if you get around to it, but it's often hard to find ones that can be released under the GNU FDL.

Welcome, and I hope you keep adding stuff like this. We very badly need it!