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David Wheeler (actor)[edit]

I could use some help tracking down the correct bio on this actor, as well as verifying the facts I have so far. The problem is that there are multiple David Wheeler's who are actors and I might have gotten a few of them mixed together. This article is about the David Wheeler who played Selto Durka in Farscape, I'm 99% sure the TV apperance facts are correct because I found those on a site linked from a Farscape episode guide (1). I am however unsure about the rest. The link to Goodwill Hunting seems a bit dodgy for example, on the bio page I mentioned he's listed as "other cew" on the movie and another site listed a David Wheeler as "thanks to" on the credits list. I also found a reference to a David Wheeler in an invetview with Ben Afflec (2), however it also mentios him beeing attached to A.R.T. at Cambridge. The David Wheeler attached to A.R.T. (3) does not seem to be the same guy I'm writing about (none of the work history match and picture doesn't seem to match (although it's not a very good one).

Seems to me either the Internet Movie Database have gotten confused and credited the wrong David Wheeler for participating in Good Will Hunting, or two seperate David Wheelers participated in the movie... Either way I have come to doubth the accuracy of the information I have put into the article so far, so I would appreciate someone with some knowledge on the topic to help me sort the facts out. --Sherool 07:09, 9 May 2005 (UTC)

  • Sorry, I didn't have much luck. Peer review is probably not the best place for this type of issue anyway. You might try a post to: Wikipedia:Pages needing attentionRJH 16:10, 18 May 2005 (UTC)