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Mighty Beanz
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CompanyMoose Toys
SloganPlay 'em, Race 'em, Collect 'em
Official website

Mighty Beanz is a collectable children's toy line of beans created by Moose Enterprises in Melbourne, Australia.[1][2] The primary Mighty Beanz game is to race the beans down different types of battle stages.[3]


Original Line[edit]

The Mighty Beanz line was originally launched in Australia at the beginning of 2002 and found their way to United States markets that summer. Five series of beans were created:

  • “Series 1” included sixty Beanz (1-60) divided into teams of five, along with a red carrying case.
  • “Series 2” introduced seventy new Mighty Beanz (61-130). Again these were divided into teams of five with some beans able to glow in the dark.
  • “Series 3” produced only sixty new Mighty Beanz (131-190). This line of Beanz introduced color changing abilities along with a new green carrying case.
  • “Series 4” produced another sixty Mighty Beanz (191-250). This time around the Beanz were arranged into teams of three and also introduced a new mega Bean, which was substantially larger than the others.
  • “Series 5” came with a new name for the Mighty Beanz called Bean Bodz. There were sixty Bean Bodz produced (1-60) bringing the total number of collectibles to 310. Bean Bodz were divided into teams of four and had interchangeable rubber bodies.

Furthermore, Moose Enterprises has portrayed several famous celebrities in the shape of their toy including Elvis Presley, Hulk Hogan and Steve Irwin.

Besides Mighty Beanz, Moose Enterprises also manufactured three Mighty Beanz racetracks to go along with their toys, Ultimate Jump Park, Collision Chaos, and Super S-Bend.[4] Each track came two limited edition Beanz that did not have printed numbers on them making them extremely collectible.

2018 relaunch[edit]

Moose developed a new line of Mighty Beanz, starting with 140 new Beanz which were released on September 1, 2018 they also became smaller.


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